Quick Waste Collection handles the removal, treatment and ultimate disposal of commercial and domestic waste streams. We seek to ultimately protect and, where possible, enhance UK’s natural environment, as well as conserve its natural resources in an environmentally friendly manner.
Quick Waste Collection has a continuous commitment to complying with environmental laws, and other legislation and requirements at all times, preventing harmful emissions into the environment. Recycling junk is the greenest way to manage items you no longer need or use.

We only charge for the space (or volume) you use in our trucks. Our “wait and load” rubbish collection service is hassle-free and cheaper than a skip. We are fully licences and the same day service is available, subject to availability.

We offer great prices for collection of hardcore, soil, mixed inert and glass, clear wood/timber and green/garden waste.
Also for light household items such as mattresses, sofas, chairs, cupboards.

We are very proud of our small contribution to a greener planet through the cycles of recycling and you should be proud too.
Contact us today, to play your own part in greener pastures right here in UK.

As for gardening services: we charge £25/h, for the labour of each gardener, minimum of 2h. We arrive with high quality petrol gardening equipment, so we are capable of handling the gardening jobs very efficiently.

Our vans have 14 yards of capacity, which is almost equivalent to 2 skips.

Waste pricing collection and free labour allowance:

Load of van  Cost  Free Labour
Full load £220 1 hour
3/4 of the load £180 45 min
1/2 of the load £120 30 min
1/4 of the load £70 15 min

After the free labour allowance, the labour is charged £30/h or £20/h if more than 1h of labour in total.

Free quotes given. We will beat any quote out there from a reputable/responsible company.

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