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Admiration of life

Earth has been called the green planet, a world clothed in a mantle of vegetation that sustains all other forms of life on this tiny spot in the universe.

From simple beginnings, plants evolved first among Earth’s living things and thereby established a fundamental principle of nature:
Plants, in one form or another, can exist forever without animals, but animals cannot exist without plants.
Plants purify the air by exchanging the oxygen we breathe with carbon dioxide, which is poisonous in too high a concentration.
Plants convert the energy of sunlight into foods that sustain all animals and, from the soil, draw minerals such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and iron that are essential for our well-being.
For creatures large and small, plants provide shade from the sun, refuge from predators, and protection from the ever-changing elements.
Since the first cells came into being millions of years ago, plants have been the connecting links in an unbroken chain of life.
It is they that have made the biosphere, the part of Earth’s crust where life exists, a place that humans can comfortably inhabit.

The range of uses we make of plants is as broad as our ingenuity permits.

We have exploited them for fibers to make cloth, drugs to cure a multitude of ailments, and wood to construct houses, furniture, and ships.

From them we have extracted raw materials to manufacture innumerable goods, including paper.
Without that latter commodity, our detailed history would not have been recorded and so remembered, nor could knowledge have been so easily disseminated.
And culture, the possession of which makes humans out of animals, would never have developed beyond the basic skills and habits of primitive peoples had we not had paper on which to write music, poetry, and prose.
Some of us look at plants as a source of livelihood, while others find them intriguing subjects for scientific study.
But most enjoy plants for the sheer delight of having them in their everyday surroundings, to savor the varied colors, textures, tastes, and aromas that they alone can offer.
Few gardeners share the botanist’s knowledge of plant biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and intricate reproductive systems, yet all have experienced the extraordinary satisfaction derived from growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, and trees.

What we do

Waste Clearance and Garden Services

  • Lawn Cutting
    From the jungles of overgrown grass to weekly maintenance of perfect proper lawn – we aspire to bring you space for barbecue of your dreams.
  • Lawn Scarification & Aeration
    Every living creature needs water and air to breathe – your grass is no different. To fully achieve its potential lawn must be properly aerated to allow air and water access to deeper parts of the ground and help your grass survive long periods of hot dry weather that are more and more common.
  • Hedge and Bush Cutting
    Is your Laburnum hanging to low? Maybe your Japanese holly or Boxwood need sharpening? Afraid of sharp thorns of your Berberis? Fear not, our high quality equipment with professional expertise will tame even the most prickly and unruly hedge in no time – saving you money compared to our competitors. Brow bin full? No problem! We are fully licensed to swiftly and rapidly remove any waste that would otherwise accumulate in your back garden.
  • Overgrown Areas Cleared
    Surprised you have a garden? Moved to the new home and need swift solution? Haven’t seen to your garden in a while? No problem! With our swift removals and rejuvenation plan your old overgrown garden will be no more. We will cut, trim, prune, weed and do everything we can to make that Sunday barbeque possible.
    More often than not after good day of work we end up with piles of green waste that takes too much space to store in your backyard. With our swift removal plan we will take any rubbish that accumulated on the job and it will be cheaper than a skip!
  • Strimming
    While most of the lawns are striving to reach perfection some are full of bumps, ant farms and wild vegetation. That’s where mighty strimmer comes into play – petrol powered and willing to go where no lawn mower has gone before. We cut long and short grass growing on every possible surface.
  • Sheds
    Tired of your old runned down shed? Tear it down and put a new one! We provide a service of removing old sheds – together with labor it’s still cheaper than a full skip.
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